Don't Forget to Call
As I get older, so do my parents. This is an ongoing body of work documenting the reality of taking care of my parents, separately, in two different homes, on two different bodies of water, as they age.
The deconstruction of a photograph by hand that is then reconstructed by nature. My inspiration for this work comes from my ongoing research into Human Ecology and the damage we are causing to our environment. My time has been spent traveling to specific areas, going on walks, camping if possible and surrounding myself with the landscape. These include the ocean, forest, wetlands, deserts, mountains, cities and farmland. I am allowing the environmental elements in each location to dictate my images.
The Ghost of You
My work has consistently been focused on either grief or public health; the pandemic brought these two interests together. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have documented the stories of frontline workers, and people who have lost someone to COVID. Through my photographs, I am sharing stories of a universal grief that has often been verbally, emotionally, and visually silenced during the pandemic. My hope with this work is when people see these images they will connect to their own experiences of grief, the distance inflicted on relationships during lockdown, and the loss of physical community over the past year.
Grief [Un]Redacted
The Story of My Personal Loss and Grief Told Through Photographs
Sustainable Living
A photographic story on how a small community in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador takes care of their own and invited me into their lives.
A Day With Juan
Juan was a 4 year old little boy with bone cancer living in the slums of Guadalajara. This is an 8 hour chemo. treatment that he received weekly with the help of a local Non Profit until he passed away. He changed my life as a photographer, as a parent and as a human being.
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